Economic Mold Removal

We have summarized our values ​​to the maxim.

With this we show our intentions and commitments: Professionals of the highest level, constantly dry buildings, a friendly customer service and high customer satisfaction.

The very positive evaluations of our clients are the result of our customer service orientation. We not only want to meet the expectations of our customers, but overcome them.

Competition – Experience – Trust

We specialize in the rehabilitation of moisture and mold damage in buildings and offer the highest quality to our customers. As a client-oriented service provider, we assure you of a long-term dry house where you can live in a healthy way.

With several tens of thousands of successful sanitation, decades of experience and our competent and well-trained workers we are one of the leaders in the field of sanitation. We work intensively with a network based on science, research, development and practice.

Affordable Mold Testing

» Our goal is to provide you with the best services while keeping your mold inspection cost to a minimum. When you choose Mold Inspections of Houston, you’ll get affordable services that fit your budget. While mold testing is our specialty, we do more than just uncover problems. We’re committed to delivering solutions.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

» You don’t want to hire just any mold inspector. You want to make sure the team you hire truly specializes in indoor air quality testing so you can have total peace of mind that the results of your mold inspection are accurate. We offer guidance and trusted referrals for fixing mold damage and mold remediation.

Excellent Customer Service on Every Job

» At Mold Inspections of Houston, we have a true heart for serving others. We know how important it is to keep your space mold-free and healthy, and we are committed to going the extra mile to help people like you! You deserve a team that puts you before your bank account.